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Aqua Regia Gold

Aqua Regia Gold
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Aqua Regia Gold
aqua regia?

can aqua regia (h2so4 + hno3) dissolve noble metals (gold and silver) for real?

First off Aqua regia is a mixture of HNO3 and HCl (not H2SO4).

If Silver reacts in the same way as gold, then the sivler would be first dissolved by the Nitric acid, and then immediately precipitated by the Hydrochloric acid. Silver chloride is not very soluble in water, but is a white powder.

Depending on the particle size of the silver you may or may not be able to form a white powder from aqua regia. Silver is much more easily oxidized than gold (silver tarnishes), and therefor more easily to dissolve.

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