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Beautiful Vials Silver
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Beautiful Vials Silver
Wedding Colors for the winter?!?

Well there will be 2 weddings going on next year && 2009 ((also good to plan ahead)), and one is my moms((renewing her vials)), and one will be mines. Both will take place in the winter, and thats where we're stuck! Now my mom has one out of two colors picked, she wanted the color Hunter Green, and she needs another... ((thats where YOU come in))

Now for my wedding its also going to take in the winter time, but i'm not sure of any winter colors, My fiancee' love the color Lavender, but ((this is where YOU come in)) I need some beautiful winter colors.

My mother is renewing her vials in November
I'm getting married in January of 09
--Hope that helps with the colors.

I think Hunter Green looks great with burgundy/wine/maroon. Colors along that palette. Rich colors are great in winter b/c it brings a warmth into the room. However Hunter green with a sage or mossy green would be nice too. Monochromatic schemes are popular and elegant.

Often people like to mimic the outside and include that. You often see suggestions of Ice Blue and Silver or white. I think that looks cold and that is not what I would like people to think at my wedding.

When in winter it is seems to be really important to me. If it's close to spring time, I like to remind people of spring and do lavendar and spring green or lavendar and yellow. Something happy to get over the misery of winter. However January is quite the middle--so as I said I like the warmth better than pastels.

Think mulled cider and red velvet cake. Perhaps an eggplant purple would be nice. I also like red and black, or a maroon and gold. Wine and cream. Navy blue is another nice warm color. Jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire have a lot of depth. I'd avoid the bold summer colors (peach, fushia, bright green) and the pastels of spring (yellow, sky blue, blush) but November also leads to the fall colors of browns, rusts, olives, gold, crimsons if your mom prefers something along that line.

Are there any colors you particularly like or don't like?
After all this is YOUR wedding!

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