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Carat Natural Uncut

Carat Natural Uncut
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Carat Natural Uncut
how can i find out how much a uncut ruby gem is worth?the ruby is 1208 CRT.?

i found the gem stone at a mining place in north carolina, the lady weighed the gem an said it was 1208 carats. its not cut, or anything.the mining place said they would charge me 30 dollars a carat if they cut it an shape it. could my stone be worth any money like it is,an who might buy it?
ive called a few jewerly stores an they wont look at it unless i have it cut

Jewelry stores don't appraise rough gems, most appraisers don't either. STAY AWAY from jewelry stores, sorry to say it, most "jewelers" don't know anything about gemology and all they know about gems is that they go in jewelry and they need to sell the jewelry. Some gemologists might give you an appraisal, but appraising rough gems is a specialty most trade members don't do much if at all. It is MUCH easier to get a faceted gem or cabochon appraised. It must be a common quality ruby because a gem quality ("cuttable") ruby is worth $50 to $450,000 PER CARAT! The world record for the sale of a colored gemstone was an 8.26 carat ruby that sold for $3.64 million. This was the best quality you can get and was so clear and such a saturated, deep, perfect ruby red that it looked like a lab created ruby. Check out this link:

I am assuming yours is opaque, meaning light does not pass through it. If light passed through it, it would be worth at least $5-10 a carat making the stone worth $5-10 thousand dollars.

Gem quality rubies are very rare in America, although NC is one of the few places where you can find real native rubies. The Sheffield mine in Franklin produces a lot of native specimen quality rubies, and occasionally a star ruby of good color. They also sell "enriched" buckets along with the native buckets, if you found it in an enriched bucket it might not be from NC. This website touts a 488 carat find from Sheffield so if yours is 1208 you more than double that. Here are some common rubies found in NC, some of those purpleish-red colored ones are worth decent money as cabochons and the star rubies are worth more: ttp://

It is probably worth more to you than anyone else because you found it and that might be a once in a lifetime thing. Most of the rubies from NC are specimen quality, meaning they should probably not be cut, and a ruby specimen of that size is rather rare, especially if it came from a native bucket. You could get it carved into a shape by a good stone carver, although it is somewhat of a dying art and can be expensive to have someone carve a stone, especially of that size. Just to get the idea here is a small and poor quality ruby carving mined and carved in Asia for sale on fleabay for $10:

There was a large and good quality ruby found in Greenland recently called the Kitaa ruby that was carved by a very good carver and is worth quite a lot, as it is almost gem quality, has good red ruby color, and was carved very well. Because of the color, quality, where it was found, size and quality of carving it is worth tens of thousands, although I don't believe TNG is selling it anytime soon. This is probably the finest carved ruby in the world:

If it is remotely reddish or purple colored I think the best option is to have a gem cutter make a few cabochons out of the stone, with a stone of that size you MIGHT be able to get a large cab for a pendant or bracelet, AND some smaller ones for rings. IF the stone displays asterism it could end up being a star ruby cabochon which is valuable and rare in good qualities. Some info on asterism or star effect:

I think a good lapidary/gem cutter will be able to best determine the "cuttability" and value for you, but make sure you don't let on that you want to sell it because, although it is rare among professional American Lapidaries/Cutters, some people might take advantage of that. I know there are cutters in NC that can help you. Usually the cutters at the mine are not very talented and cut for speed only, I would try to find someone not affiliated with the mines. If you want to do that email me at and I will help you find a lapidary near you.

Good luck!

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