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Colorado Gold Placer

Colorado Gold Placer
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Colorado Gold Placer
what minerals are in gold to make in the earth?

what are the minerals in do you go about finding gold in the earth.

As pointed out above quite correctly, gold is an element and not a mineral.

To fix a few small mistakes, the chemical name for gold is gold, not "aurum" - that is the latin word for gold and is where the chemical symbol Au was derived from.

And gold is not only found in nuggets. Gold is everywhere, your fingernails, soil, rocks, even ocean water.

Gold can be mined anywhere there is enough of a natural concentration to make the recovery process profitable. Most gold mines have gold concentrations in the ore ranging from 1 to 20 ppm - that means that 2 to 30 tons of rock have to be mined to recover one ounce of gold.

There are very few naturally occurring minerals containing gold in the crystal structure, therefore gold is usually mined as elemental gold.

Finding gold depends on how much you want. If you are a mining company that needs millions of dollars per year in gold production, you would employ geologists, geophysicists, and geochemists to study the earth's crust and look for things that are associated with gold. Gold concentrations in modern gold mines are so low that it is just about impossible to detect the gold directly, until you drill holes into a prospective area and with some luck you find gold. The world's biggest gold producers, in order, are South Africa, Australia, and US (mostly Nevada).

If you are a hobbyist or a collector, and just want a few small samples of gold, your best bet is to look for placer deposits, where gold has been libertaed from its primary rock source and can be found as nuggets in modern or ancient river gravels. In North America, some of the better places to look are the Sacramento River watershed in California, the Clear Creek area in Colorado, Fairbanks and Nome in Alaska, and the Klondike River in Yukon.

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