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Gun Opinion for People that have shot the following...?

All I need is an opinion, no smart-ass remarks either... PLEASE!

AR-15 or AK-47?

Glock 17(9mm) or Beretta M9?
I choose the AR and Glock... Tell me what you like...
Also, please don't go into detail on saying stuff like, "This argumest is based on........."... I just need an opinion...


Trust me when I say you have stepped into a big puddle of #3 Bunker Oil!!!

I can break this down for you in four details.


Good rifle very accurate. Good Cartridge very accurate. Does not work well when exposed to dirt, sand and other debris that can cause the rifle to malfunction. This IS the only drawback that is consistant with the AR-15/M-16 Rifles. They require, (in my opinion), an obscene amount of maintenence to keep them operating reliably.


Good Rifle, accuracy at range is OK, but not what the AR-15/M-16 is capable of. What this rifle lacks in accuracy, is made up by its sheer reliability and ability to function in the most hostile of environments. The AK-47 and most of its relatives will function with sand, mud, grime, unburned powder, guts, solvent, literally anything you can imagine throwing this rifle into, and still function in a fully automatic mode spitting brass, copper and lead as fast as you can reload the magazines and get them into the rifle. Quite frankly, its one of the most amazing rifles ever invented. I have to give credit where credit is due, and I think most of the folks here would agree. The AK-47 is quite possibly one of the very best combat rifles ever to be designed.

With the exception of long range accuracy, this rifle is near the top of the list for a battlefield must have with the Dooky its the fan.

Beretta M-9/92FS:

What can I say here. The Italians know how to build a sports car. The same can be said for the Beretta M-9/92 FS. Its a great 9mm pistol, and when its operating, it does a fine job. However, it has one major design flaw that is an issue. There is a part in the gun that we will just refer to here as the "Wedge". This is a triangle piece of metal that is fitted under the barrel, (Operating Link), that slides up and down as the barrel goes in and out of battery. The tip of this piece is round and has a narrowed neck essentially creating a sort of ball shaped surface that fits into a corresponding groove in the barrel lug.

Unfortunately this part has a tendancy to crack and break after heavy usage, and or repeated firings of the european loaded 9mm NATO cartridge, (124 Grain FMJ +P). This is because this cartridge is also loaded by the contractors to handle the needs of Sub-Machine Guns such as Uzi's, and their H&K Breatheren. After working in a Gunsmith Shop as a Machinist, we saw many of the Law Enforcement issued Beretta's come in to have this little part replaced.

In total, Beretta M-9/92FS great gun, good cartridge, good accuracy, so-so reliability.

Glock 17,19,22:

What can I say. It's a Glock. The first thing you need to understand about Glock is the fact that these are "Working Pistols". they were designed around the "Keep It Simple" concept. They have very few external parts that can get snagged on clothing, they are designed to work under nearly every condition you could put them through, and they maintain their accuracy. They are simple to maintain, and the parts are simple to replace. I have had the opportunity to attend and certify a Glock Armorer's Course. The guns are so simple it even amazed me.

The thought of the creation of this gun, was to provide the simplest answer to the carrying of guns by police and military. Make them light weight, accurate, reliable, simple to repair, and above all else, user friendly. Some folks don't like them because they are made of plastic. I can assure you than not one gun manufacturer out there has been able to duplicate or even come close to how the Glock was designed. I am not just referring to their patents on the designs, but their sheer simplicity of how the gun is assembled, and serviced.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

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