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Gem Replica Coin

Gem Replica Coin
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Gem Replica Coin
I am looking for online stores selling world coins in bulk, apart from ebay.?

Fire Mountain Gems sells some coins in bulk. They aren't of assorted nationalities, but they are in bulk. They have coins from India, the ones with a hole in the middle, and some very old Chinese coins. They also have tons of coin replicas. You need to read the description carefully to make sure it's the authentic coin you're getting. The Chinese coins are sold individually, but there is bulk pricing available on them. The Indian ones come in packs of 10, I think.

Go to their site and type "coins" into the search box and see if you like what you find. It's a beading and jewelry supply site, so if you only type "coin" you're also going to see a lot of flat beads, as that shape is called a coin bead.

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