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Gold Content Recovery

Gold Content Recovery
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Gold Content Recovery
dark magician deck. someone help me fix it?

ok new deck

deck contents
3 skilled white magicians
3 skilled dark magicians
3 dark magicians
3 buster bladers
3 blast magicians
3 dark eradicating warlocks
2 rapid fire magicians
3 secret village of the spellcasters
2 field barriers
2 terraforming
1swords of reveiling light
2 pot of avarice
2 gold sarcophogus
3 polimerizations
3 fusion sages
3 fusion recoverys
1 premature burial
2 de fusions
2 thousand knifes
1 magic cylinder
1 call of the haunted
3 royal decrees

3 dark paladins

any ways i can get dark magician and buster blader out easier. and easier ways to recycle dark magician and buster blader ( i use polymerization and get dark paladin and then use premature burial, fusion recovery, centrifugal field, something like that) and a way to get dark eradicating warlock out easier.
@ joe - if i wanted a zombie deck i would have a zombie deck. i dont want a zombie deck.

Just play a Zombie deck

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