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Gold Recovery Dredge

Gold Recovery Dredge
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Gold Recovery Dredge
How to extract sulfur and precious stones while digging for gold?

I have a place I have been panning gold from for years in Alaska. I found out it has lots of sulfur deposits, silver and garnets. So how would I go about extracting that stuff? I am only knowledgeable about gold recovery. Its all in a placer deposit.

I am running a sluice box and a high banker depending on terrain.
I wanted to find a way to keep the silver flakes from washing away so I could save some to melt down.
I know squat about platinum and just learning about gold. I did find a nice place this is why I asked this question.
Thanks for the information.

What exactly are you trying to extract it from? Just the gravel or are you referring to your concentrates while doing a clean up?

Silver can be panned the same as gold although it is lighter. You mainly have to know what it looks like. Usually it's tarnished black and difficult to distinguish from lesser valued minerals.

I haven't dealt with sulfur so I'm unfamiliar with it's properties as far as weight/density. I'd just let it slip out of the pan with the rest of the over burden junk. I'm guessing you may be looking to save it, maybe for black powder.

I don't know what kind of stones you have up there. I get a lot of garnets down here. They are pretty heavy and stick good in the bottom of a pan. They clog up my sluice and the sluice on my dredge.

I think I'd look at getting a little sluice if you don't already have one. Keene makes nice ones in the $100 range. They are light and work well. If you play around with the angle and water flow, you will be able to trap anything.

Don't know where you are, but I've heard of platinum being found up there. Ever run into any of that?

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