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Gold Splatter Rare

Gold Splatter Rare
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Gold Splatter Rare
Makeup & hair for the movies.?

I'm going to the movies with my friend& a guy I like. what makeup would look good on green eyes. I'm wearing a black shirt with paint splatters on it that says love & white shorts, if that helps

Im jealous!
Ive always personally wanted green eyes. Rare & amazing color for a eye!
You can always do so much . I think for the bottom eyeliner black , it will really bring out your
eyes. for the top liner black as well unless you wanna do a gold.
I would not reccomend using blue or purple.

PS: Staright hair always looks & works well ! I doont think you should curl it , its messy & wears out easily! You will look Stunning hun. Good luck .

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