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Gorgeous Gold Leaf

Gorgeous Gold Leaf
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2007 200 Canada Gold Maple Leaf 99999 MS69 First Strike PCGS Gorgeous Coin
2007 200 Canada Gold Maple Leaf 99999 MS69 First Strike PCGS Gorgeous Coin $1,720.00
Time Remaining: 21d 22h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $1,720.00

Gorgeous Gold Leaf
Did you even notice the rising sun?

This is so pathetic.

I was so busy downloading songs and answering questions that i forgot to take notice of the beautiful sunrise. I just looked at my window and it's already quite bright.
I feel so sad now.

The only saving grace is that there's a yellow-gold tinge in the sky and the tree in front of my window has the most gorgeous fall leaves EVER!

I notice the sunrise every day. I'm some what of a photag and I'm always looking for the next beautiful thing to freeze in time through pics. We had some cloud cover here this morning so there was nothing 'special' about the sunrise. Pretty lame actually and if it had been spectacular and had taken a pic I would send you a copy. But that was not the case today.... sorry.

Have a great day!!!

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