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Gram Beautiful Australian

Gram Beautiful Australian
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Gram Beautiful Australian
What is it like in Australia?

Im just a High School girl who may want to move to Australia in the future! To me it seems like a nice place but I've never been there! If you've visited or live there please describe what its like! I'd love to know! If you live in the United States, that'd be a great comparison!

I'm in South East Queensland and it's a beautiful mid-winter morning, 9am Monday to be exact.
The temperature is 15°C or 59°F, the sun is shining and the temperature will reach approx 24°C or 75°F by midday.

Some things that you may not know about us are -
- Our population is around 22 million people whereas the USA is over 300 million.
- We drive on the left-hand side of the road and therefore tend to keep to the left of stairways, footpaths (sidewalks) and anywhere else we walk.
- We do not tip everyone for everything, we only tip when we get really exceptional service. Tipping is not expected. Our basic (lowest) adult wage rate for full time work is between $14 and $15 per hour much higher than in the USA.
- Ordinary citizens do not own firearms of any kind. We have very strict gun laws.
- All Australians become legal adults at 18. That means you can drink, smoke, vote and generally do anything any other adult does.
- We write and say dates differently to the US day/month/year.
- Australia is completely metric in all measurements, degrees are in Celsius, weights are in grams, kilograms etc, distances and speeds are in metres and kilometres etc, milk, petrol (gas) and other liquids are measured in litres etc.
- We tend to not publicly talk about our political or religious views most of us feel they are our personal business.
- Our banknotes (bills) are a different colour and size for each denomination not all the same colour as in the USA. We don't have $1 notes anymore our smallest denimination note is $5. We do have $1 and $2 coins. We also regularly use $50 notes which is uncommon in the USA.
- We have universal health care, Aussie citizens don't have to sell their home to pay medical bills.
- Guide books and wildlife tv shows love to pretend Australia is overrun by poisonous snakes and spiders, it's rare to see poisonous or dangerous animals on a day to day basis.

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