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Gun Bar Series

Gun Bar Series
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Gun Bar Series
Anyone seen a Upper Deck Paul Stastny Young Guns Plate - I had one stolen by ebay use quitesomething

I had a 1/1 Paul Stasny (colorado Avalanche) printing plate stolen by a Canadian buyer on ebay (user ID: quitesomething ) . This fellow has been guilty of defrauding sellers in a similar fashion in the past. Regrettably this card was sold for $500!!!!! I would like the entire sportscard community to keep an eye out for this 1/1 printing plate and I will withhold the individuals name for now as I am a bit classier than this dirtbag. PLEASE, PLEASE help me recover this card, if you have bought it let me know, let us at least work together to put this dirtbag " quitesomething " member since '06 , behind bars or at least arrested and prosecuted. I have alerted all the major graders and any collectors who know the pain of theft from buyers, please help me and let us open an exchange to stop these thieves. If you have any info on this Paul Stastny 1/1 printing plate from the Upper Deck Youg Guns Series, please help. Thanks

so your telling me you shipped the card before you received the payment? or how did this work?

im actually part of this sports card community you speak of. i will keep an eye out. i actually think i saw this plate on ebay you are talking about. what colour was it? Cyan, black etc.?
if you tell me which 1 of the four colours it was, it will make it easier for me to help you find it.

please email all this info, how it was stolen etc. etc.


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