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High Gold Content

High Gold Content
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High Gold Content
Where can i buy Alka-SeltzerĀ® Gold?

Would anybody know if/where i can buy Alka-SeltzerĀ® Gold i Australia? Does it exist here? It does in the US but i have not seen it here.
Alternatively can you sugest a natural alkalizer like "magnesium-potasium-bicarb" in one, to help alkalize. Why? I do suffer with high acidity and it affects my whole body with pain. The only thing that helps is alkilizing . Tried everything ,so i know what i am on about.As soon as i reduce the body acidity,the pain goes away. Oh!...and i eat fruits and vegies too so it's not the diet.I also drink alkaline water.
I tried Bicarb of soda.....really good but the salt content makes my blood pressure go up. Is there a way of counter balancing that?
Lots of questions...i

I'm in the US and had trouble finding it here also until I learned that my local drugstore will special order it for me when I ask them to.

Give that a try.

Good Luck!!!

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