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Joker Bar Card

Joker Bar Card
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1982 Buckingham Mint Joker 999 Pure Silver Mini Playing Card Silver Bar
1982 Buckingham Mint Joker 999 Pure Silver Mini Playing Card Silver Bar $18.99
Time Remaining: 7d 45m
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Joker Bar Card
where do you find your death cards in call of duty 5?

b]Card #1 - Eight of Hearts[/b]

[u]Location: Semper Fi[/u]
Immediately following getting your gun in the opening cinematic,
turn right and head into the first open shack. There up against
the far wall is the first Death Card.

Headshots now cause enemies to explode.


[b]Card #2 - Four of Clubs[/b]
[i]Hard Headed[/i]

[u]Location: Little Resistance[/u]
Once facing the large Japanese bunker, tuck and run into the
trench on your right. Leave the tunnel and in the very right
corner of the large bunker, you will see the Card standing
visible in the brush.

Enemies will take less bullet damage.


[b]Card #3 - King of Hearts[/b]
[i]Suicide King[/i]

[u]Location: Hard Landing[/u]
After the bomber crashes go with your men up to telarge structure
full of enemies. Once inside, with all the enemies killed, your
men will be waiting for you at some stairs that lead upward.
Enter and they will ascend. Don't follow straight away and
instead go to the far right of the stairs and check around the
pillars. Here you will find the King of Hearts.

Explosive pistol rounds while on Last Stand.


[b]Card #4 - Five of Diamonds[/b]
[i]Cold Dead Hands[/i]

[u]Location: Vendetta[/u]
Right after following Reznov into the first building, allow him
to open up the bar. Before following into the next room, look
carefully behind the bar and you�ll find the Five of
Diamonds in the far corner.

Enemies take their weapons into the great beyond. No more dropped
guns and so ammunition will be scarce.


[b]Card #5 - Joker[/b]
[i]Sticks and Stones[/i]

[u]Location: Their Land, Their Blood[/u]
After disposing of the tank that blows its way out of the barn
and its accompanying enemies, head into the first stable on the
right in the barn and you�ll find the Death Card staked
next to a rotting cow corpse.

Armed with only a knife and rocks.


[b]Card #6 - Queen of Hearts[/b]

[u]Location: Burn �Em Out[/u]
After flaming the first mortar base, head back and to the left
towards the second. Destroy the embedded machine gun post, and
all the other enemies in the area while aiming for a darkened
bunker directly across from the second mortar crew. Deal with the
enemies inside and the card will be by the gunner's window.

Health can only be recharged by killing enemies.


[b]Card #7 - Nine of Diamonds[/b]
[i]Flack Jacket[/i]

[u]Location: Relentless[/u]
Head into the caves and dispose of your Japanese aggressors. The
pathway now forks, with both paths leading to the same place, but
the left option being easier. A small hallway bridges both
pathways and contains the Death Card in the middle.

Enemies will now take less grenade damage.


[b]Card #8 - Jack of Spades[/b]
[i]Body Armour[/i]

[u]Location: Ring of Steel[/u]
Enter the asylum, and move to the left crouched. The tip of the
helmet can just be seen over the wall. Move into the enclave and
find the Jack of Spades next to a slumped soldier.

Enemies will die by headshot only.


[b]Card #9 - Ace of Spades[/b]
[i]Undead Soldier[/i]

[u]Location: Eviction[/u]
Once past all the enemies in kitchen approach the firefight on
the balcony. Move to the right and drop through the hole in the
floor. Against the wall in the bathroom downstairs is the Ace of

Enemies rise from the dead.


[b]Card #10 - Ten of Clubs[b]

[u]Location: Blowtorch & Corkscrew[/u]
After destroying the first 200MM gun bunker after leaving the
caves, veer to the left of the level. There will be a simple
stone structure housing a hanging corpse where you will find the
Death Card.

Downed co-op buddies can be revived by shooting at them.


[b]Card #11 - Three of Diamonds[b]

[u]Location: Breaking Point[/u]
After destroying the last mortar crew, move to the far right when
facing Shuri Castle, to the small building with two windows. Kill
all the enemies inside and then look to your left and between the
window and the stack of crates there will be a Death Card.

Obtaining three kills in five seconds will enable Rage mode. You
are inv

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