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Natural Precious Metal

Natural Precious Metal
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1 2 grams of Natural gold from South Carolina lot 1
1 2 grams of Natural gold from South Carolina lot 1 $29.00
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Natural Precious Metal
What are the characteristics of various gemstones (mystical)?

trying to find the mystical properties some gems are said to have. Esp interested in Garnet, Amyethest, ionite, citrine, lapis lazuli, zircon (the natural stone not zirconia), tourquoise, peridot, quartz in it's various colours, basicially any precious or moe esp semi-precious stones. Anything worn as jewelery. Metals would also be interesting esp silver.

I would also be interested in the physical (scientific ) characteristics, hardness, colour, etc.

Other general info on gemstones would also be appreciated like which places have offficial gemstones, birthstones myths and legends about etc.

Thanks in advance

Many cultures believe that gemstones hold spiritual or mystical qualities which are significant to their wearer. Some practitioners use the properties of gemstones to heal or to strengthen a specific need or desire. Each type of stone has it's own properties.

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