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Nugget From Dredging

Nugget From Dredging
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Nugget From Dredging
why do i have to go to happycamp ca. to find gold with metal detectors.?

because the klamath mountains are ancient ocean beds , where new gold is washed down the mountains during the rainy season. and there should be gold on bedrock. also happycamp has its own gold association, for the town. theres more there than hiking!

there are hundreds of places in the west where you can go find gold with a metal detector. My favorite was the king tut mine , in arizona just south of lake mead. There have been nuggets found there as large as 20 oz's. Or you could go to the potato patch in central arizona. I have been to happy camp though. Its a great place. go in the end of the summer (or as late as you can) when the water is warmest and either hibank of dredge for better finds. Ooh and dont forget to bring a fishing pole and some spinners. they have some great little trout in those streams for dinner too!

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