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Pair White Coin
why this Siva dwesha among many vaishnavites please?

IS not the Lord of the Himalayas called the first Vaishnava in the Srimad Bhagavatham? Is not the pair said to be like the reverse and obverse of coin (see the similarities in their white sea and white mountain, the holding of sabda symbols like sanka and damaru, the time symbol of chakra and trisool etc). tell me why this illusion in the wise ones who speak of all pervasiveness of the Vishnu and hold Siva - his first among the counter parts in the heaven - as a lesser one even below their human preceptors ?

with such stark ignorance or impertinence among us how can we call other faiths that scoff at us, as bigots..?


{ O(~ { { . . . . Before everything my heartily respects to AumKlim, for the wonderful answer above. Please accept. Though i don't accept what you Derive, still i respect your endevour for understanding . . . . } } ~)O }

There is no such thing as Shiva Dwesha in those who are **true** followers of Hari. Shiva is my Guide in Spiritual Path.

The most important fact is that without attaining Shivattva one cannot approach Hari.

One who does not understand this, is simply being ignorant . which is his fallen nature, that is "Avidya" and in any way does not qualify for enlightenment because such acts of "Avidya" will avoid one form approaching the Lotus Feet.

It is sad and poor fund of knowledge due to excess Thamas and Rajas in and entity outbalancing the Sattva.

Material bound limited knowledge extending to higher planes, is existing in pure sattva.

when this sattva is not dominant in a manifesting soul, such wrong understanding, inhibiting and purging "mis-understanding" comes and spoils his spiritual journey by creating deviations.

there is no doubt in this fact.

The lotus feet of Shiva is not Different from hari. One should understand that one god manifests in different functional forms. if someone does not understand this than it is simply his own ignorance and reason for inhibition or retard-ness of his own growth.

In fact i did not know Lord Shiva, i just respected the Divine Lord. I only know to meditate on hari, and it is Hari who guided and is also continually guiding me to understand the nature of My dearest Rudra.


My favorite Sloka on Lord Shiva from "Nirvana-Sathaka" of Sri Adi-Shankaracharya.

Mano Buddhi-ahankaara Chithaani Naaham
Na Cha Shrotra Jihve Na Cha Ghraana Netre
Na Cha Vyoma Bhoomir Na Tejo Na Vaayuhu
Chidaananda Roopah Shivoham Shivoham

>>> I am not the mind, intellect, ego, or memory. (the 4 aspects of Antah Karanaas)
>>> Nor am I the ears, tongue, nose, eyes and skin. (the 5 organs of perception)
>>> I am not the space, earth, fire, air and water. (the 5 great elements)
>>> I am pure Knowledge and Bliss.I am the self spiritual joy of pure, I am Consciousness Shiva, Shivoham ( I am Shiva, the "Auspiciousness" itself. ), Shivoham( I am Shiva, the "Auspiciousness" itself. ).


{ {

*****~~~ << IMPORTANT >> ~~~*****

Now i am explaining one more great understanding , i recently got by ,mercy of Hari, the divine Glory, by meditating on his Lotus Feet.

I asked myself the question "Why the great Realized souls, compare Vishnu and Shiva as Milk and Yogurt, and why not Shiva as Milk and Vishnu as Yogurt, is it Disrespect.

But it is my ignorance, which was blasted into pieces by the understanding bestowed by hari, in my meditation.

The substance is Brahma-tattva ( The supreme Brahman ).

This Brahman Manifests without attachment to Matter As Vishnu because Vishnu has to task of being a Super soul and deciding the karmic equation and imbalance and results.

This same Brahman manifests With attachment to Matter, as Shiva. Because Shiva has the task of Entering the matter that is existing , as eternal "Expiry Date" to the matter. Without this happening, everything would continue to suffer for ever, and thats why Shivattva or realization of our Soul as that of Nature of Shiva, which is auspiciousness, is the prime requirement in Spiritual Success

So this is functional, and as Brahman is manifested without entering with matter, Vishnu is compared to Milk, and as the SAME Brahman is connecting to matter, Shiva is compared to Yogurt.


After this Revelation no one can have doubt if they understand this, what i have just told and delivered by the divine mercy of that great eternal glory, the infallible, the eternal, the ever glorious, the imperishable, The one who is achyutha, the Lord of all Lords, the Causeless mercy, the Source and Destination of Everything, and the one wfrom whom everything existing , manifested and un-manifested belongs and is part of ,by the causeless mercy of That Hari, who name immediately dissolves and burns even the greatest sins into no-existence. All glories to the Lotus Feet.

- Deito

Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.


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