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Recovery Wear Ell

Recovery Wear Ell
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how bad is it to get your tonsils out?

I've had strep 4 times in the last 5 months and it is like h.ell. my parents took me to an ear nose and throat doctor and he said that i have huge tonsils so i need to get them out.
my mom is gonna schedule the tonsillectomy tomorrow. but i am very nervous. how bad did it hurt afterward? and for how long? what pain medication did they give you and how hard are they to take after the surgery?
how long were you in the hospital for afterwards? did you have any real problems with bleeding and/or vomiting?
what did you wear to the hospital? what did you eat for the first few weeks?

Thanks in advance. sorry for all the questions. haha

It all depends how old are you usually when you are old they are harder to recover. The doctor will prescribe pain medicine in form of a liquid. In the hospital you will be given three things to put on. You will be given a hospital gown, a hair bonnet and some socks to wear. You will have to undress completely and you will have take off your bra but you can leave your underwear on. If you are 14 and over you will need to have a pregnancy test done. You will have to come to the surgery center two hour before your sugery. Your total time in the hospital will probably be 6-8 hours. They will not let you go home until you went to the bathroom. What you will eat is lot and lots of ice cream, jello, pudding and popsicles. You can half soup but nothing you have to chew on the second week. I had my tonsils taken out at age 14 and I was in little pain. After surgery I wasnt allowed to talk I was in pain but they will give your pain medication. The surgery is only 45 minutes to an hour but you will be In recovery for 2 hours. Then they bring you back to your parents where you will spend 4-5 hours there you will not stay over in the hospital

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