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Simplicity Scrap Gold

Simplicity Scrap Gold
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Simplicity Scrap Gold
I need some crafts??? Help please?

with stuff maybe i have from home :] well, thanks!!!!

There is a cupcake pincushion in one of the pattern catalogs, probably Simplicity, in crafts. It looks cute, and not hard to do.
Yep, there it is pattern 2990 and 2445. There is one with cookies 2492. If you sew and have fabric scraps, these might be do-able for you.
Fabric or ribbon flowers are easy to make, just a little hand sewing. Paper flowers are cute, some are quite fancy. Type these into the browser for a how to menu.
the remnant bins at the fabric stores are a gold mine for rivers. I get fabric 50% and more off. Often, there is just the thing there for what I want.
Saw some cute hand puppets. And felt Xmas stockings, embellished with lace or beads or sequins would be great.
Do you want cooking or baking crafts? Decorate some Xmas sugar cookies, make spiced nuts, make some no bake candy or cookies. Haystacks, rice krispie treats, chocolate covered cherries, buckeye candy are easy, and no baking or boiling required. White chocolate covered pretzels ae easy and good.

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