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Solid Silver Gun

Solid Silver Gun
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Solid Silver Gun
10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER, Which wedding band looks better?

First of all, before you criticize me for buying a tungsten band , I'm a Airplane Mechanic. In the past 10 years I have broken 1 gold ring at work, and destroyed about 3 titanium casual rings. So the local ring shop recommended tungsten because it does not scratch, so here they are. Now before u see the cheap price tag, just remember these bands are about 5 times as much if you buy em from a walk in store.

( This one looks silver, but it's darker, a very shiny gun Metal grey color almost )

( This one is a solid silver color, and has a higher shine. Also is not grey, solid silver color)

My husband wanted a ring to wear while he was at work, so I bought him that one. He likes it even more than his orignal wedding band because this one is comfort fit, so the edges are very smooth. If you're working with your hands a lot you might want to consider a ring that's not as angled.

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