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Token Coin Flip
Charity at nursery?

She is 3 now. At least 3 times a year i get an envelope where she has to collect money on behalf of a charity. (they did it last year too, she was only doing 2 days a week then)
Always there is something attached to it at nursery. This time it is plant a spring bulb, last time it was fancy dress and the time before that it was a sponsored walk.
Now with this latest plant a bulb one it says on the envelope they can colour the pictures as they collect their money for charity. There is one flipping picture there so i will get her to colour it in and will give her a pound for her enveloppe. With a little note saying that the whole concept of cancer is rather difficult to explain to a 3-year old and so is the whole idea of charity.

What would you do? Harrass people for money through a 3-year old in the name of a cancer charity?
Or would you let her colour the one picture and put a £1 coin in as a token?

I hate fund raising in that kind of a situation. I agree with you-the child has NO concept of why they are doing it. I think that once they get into public school that is soon enough. I think it's important for a child to learn what charity is and that it's important to help others but I think they understand better if it's on a more personal level. Like if there is an elderly neighbor whose yard you can rake or something like that.

I'd go for explaining why she is doing it, letting her color and putting a token coin in. If the nursery doesn't like it explain why you feel that it's YOUR choice not theirs. And, hope they don't boot you out! :o ) Good luck.

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