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Uzi Gun Bar

Uzi Gun Bar
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Uzi Gun Bar
Anyone need a Myspace Mobster?

kk, i play mobsters a few minutes everyday, sometimes twice a day. here are my stats:

Level - 12
Attack - 10
Defense - 5
Energy - 21
Health - 150
Stamina - 5

Missions Completed - 116
Jailed - 0
Escaped - 0
Bounties - 0
Fights won - 13
Fights lost - 92
Deaths - 6
Kills - 0

Weapons - crow bar, .38 Special, Shot Gun, Uzi, Ak-47, Body Armor, El Camino

Territory- 1 restaurant

I finally realized that the more mobsters u have, the more weapons you can use in a fight, i only have 2 mobsters in my mob, myself included, so i need a bigger mob. I am capable of making money very easily, i just get attacked frequently because of my mob size. so i looking for someone with a rather large mob size.

Anyone have a large mob i can join? give me your myspace url and your mob size and i'll add u.

540+ ADDS!!!
Greetings fellow Mobsters!! I have uploaded a text file containing 540+ mobsters seeking mob members(my current mob is 686 members). It was created with Notepad & is 22.8kb(small). This is as easy as it gets for "copy & paste" mob building. If it helps you, PLEASE share the link with others. Good luck & happy Mobbing!

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