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Vial Bottle Screw

Vial Bottle Screw
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Vial Bottle Screw
What else to fill the bottles with?

So I want to make these charms (or maybe just leave them as decorative bottles). I want to take these little tiny glass vials with corks that I have (I also have eyelet screws to make them into charms) and fill them with different colors of glitter. I know it sound silly but I wanted to paint or label words on them saying what they are. Like I wanted to put yellow glitter in one and label it 'sunshine'. Green in another and label it 'luck'. Maybe label one 'happiness'. Just these cute little vials of unrealistic things I guess. But I don't know what else to fill them with (or what to label them as) So what else should they be labeled as? Thnx xxx

Try with seed beads, the are tiny, come in a large variety of colors and are cheap...

blue = Heaven blessings

red = love

orange - Autumn breeze

white = Winter Haven

Pink = Spring happiness

green = Earth blessings

brown = cocoa

black = night sky

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