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White Coin Gloves

White Coin Gloves
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White Coin Gloves
party i'm nervous!!!!!! haha hott older guys?

i'm in 8th grade my freind is having a big halloween party. Last year at he birthday part one guy dared me to make out with an older guy(8th grade) it was a joke i said no cuz i don't make-out with guys i don't know haha dork=( what should i do to like fit in and you no don't look like a dork infront of anyone i'm freinds with some of the ppl there

i'm a pirate

black skinnies
white puffy top
black sweater vest
coin necklace
black flats
fishnet gloves
skull bandanna
i don't really no the older guys

find the cutest one and flirt with him.
and just in case, tell your friends that its just to mess with him and see his reaction. so if it all goes south, you wont look so stupid lol. :]

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