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Sport Aircraft

Senior Pilots Drawn to Light Sport Aircraft Copyright (c) 2008 Dan Pimentel A good friend returned from EAA’s 2007 Airventure Oshkosh Airshow holding delivery position #426 on a new Cessna Model 162 Skycatcher. I’d been trying to track down a C162 buyer for a while, so this is great timing as I want to find Read more >>

Piper Aircraft

If you are looking for great  deals on a Piper Aircraft we can help. You made it happen, you became a pilot. From the guys that fly commercial jets, to the weekend warriors taking their buddies to the remote fishing spot, you are all part of the special fraternity, that elite group of pilots. While Read more >>

Cessna Airplanes

If  you are looking for wonderful deals on  Cessna Airplanes we can help. Cessna 172 Simulator – How Realistic Are Simulations Anyway? It was not too long ago that flight simulators were extremely basic. Nowadays, as computer software engineering has become more sophisticated, flight simulators, such as those for a Cessna 172 , are extremely Read more >>

Beechcraft Aircraft

If you are looking for great deals on a Beechcraft Aircraft we can help. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most popular plane that Cessna has ever produced. The first prototype of the 172 was flown in 1955 and production began for the craft in 1956. The normal cruising speed for a fixed-gear 172 ranges Read more >>