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Champs Sports Bowl Tickets

Champs Sports Bowl Tickets
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Champs Sports Bowl Tickets
Tell me your favorite sports memory as a kid.?

Have fun with this one

Well it happen to me but I don't late Godmothery/aunt who always worked in entertainment knew a couple of players at the time from the Harlem Globetrotters and she had tickets and her, my late Mom and Dad went with the family. I was only like a few months old or so and the Globetrotters took me from my Godmother and started passing me around like a basketball and my Mom was screaming for them not to drop me and give me back to her. Everyone laughed and had a good time with it and gave my Mom a little heartache for the joke.....Two others I do know is staying up even on school nights watching the World Series with my late Grandfather to see who would be champs and going to my very first football game with another aunt, uncle and cousin. It was a college bowl game in N. O. Superdome and i picked the Auburn Tigers(by their colors of blue/orange), they were behind but came back to win. So its imperfect but these are mine that I shall never forget.

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