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Gator Bowl Tickets

Gator Bowl Tickets
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Gator Bowl Tickets
better mid level bowl games? who else likes the old way before the automatic tie-ins?

The ACC is terrible this year but because they have auto tie-ins to the chic-fil-a peach bowl and the Gator Bowl. i am having to watch a Ga tech team get routed by LSU and an unranked clemson team with 5 losses on new years day in the Gator!!

there are many better match-ups with deserving teams who had to settle for earlier bowl games. like TCU, Boise st, WVU, would be much more exciting to watch.

before the bowl tie-ins you got more interesting regional match-ups across the country.

now i know this year all the bowl games stayed with locally based teams to ensure fan support and ticket sales in this "down economy" but. ..
there has to be a better way to reward these mid level bowl games!

This is kind of a rant...

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