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Insight Bowl Tickets

Insight Bowl Tickets
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Insight Bowl Tickets
how do you get ready for football season, for armchair quarterbacks?

upgrade to hdtv,get some new gear,what?

This is my must haves for every season

#1 NFL Sunday Ticket-All the games
#2 Dedicated Sports Room
#3 48 inch plasma screen
#4 Surround sound with massive Bass
#5 Sign up for at least 2 fantasy football teams
#6 Sign up to beat boomer (Football Picks)
#7 Already read Athlon, Street and Smith and every other preseason insight pick.
#8 Watch as much preseason as possible. Even the ones that are taped delayed on NFL Network. Avoid the scores and you will not know the outcome. I do not care if it is preseason. It is football.
#9 Watch NFL network like my life depended on it
#10-Starting listening to Ben Maller on Fox Sports overnights. Yeah, he is on late as hell but the guy is the most underrated NFL genius on the planet!
#11-Start licking my chops and getting excited when my NFL shows return.
#12-Avoid all trash talking. You never know?
#13 Plan out every excuse for the next 26 weeks why I am seem to never be available for ANYTHING on a Sunday.
#14 I find ways T0 reduce my work day on Monday so that I am home before Monday Night Countdown.
#15 Dig out every NFL shirt, hat, sweater. You name it is coming out baby.
#16 Renew my subscription to USA Today. What beats a Monday edition of the Sports action once the regular season starts. It has it all! Stats, commentary, everything. Nothing is better.
#17 Turn Sports Talk Radio back on in general
#18 Actually enjoy watching Sports Center
#19 Talk to anyone who wants to talk football. I do not even care if they are playing pee wee. Let's chat.
#20-Starting counting the days to first preseason game. 1st Thursday regular season game, I become worse than a 5 years old with a Xmas countdown dry erase board. The first regular Sunday. I speak to no one and I am alone in my own world.

Yes preparing for the football season for me is like having my birthday from August 5th until Feb 10th. Yes, I even include the Pro Bowl. Why? Because it is football baby!

I am ready. I am pumped up! I am feeling hella psyched up!

Bring it on!

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