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Little Caesars Bowl Tickets

Little Caesars Bowl Tickets
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Little Caesars Bowl Tickets
Things to do for an 18 yr old in Vegas?

A family I babysit for asked me to go to Vegas with them in February to watch their little on while they are out on the town. I will get 2 nights off from babysitting to go out with them because the grandma who lives there will watch her for 2 nights but she is sick so wont take her for the entire week.
I am only what is there to do that doesnt involve being 21? Any ideas will help... prefer cheaper but hey its vegas baby! :-)
I also get 2 days to do things too so anything to have fun during the day goes also

You know, being 18 and going to Vegas is kinda tough since they have a good eye for underage people (I know from experience, I'm 20). I just got back from Vegas over the weekend visiting my sister out there and one thing we did out there that I enjoyed was hitting up the 'Shark Reef' at Mandalay Bay. It's around $16 but you can get a discount if you have a local get you the ticket, then its around $13. It's kinda expensive, but you get to pet sting rays and looks at some amazing fish. I took some really awesome pictures of all their jelly fish. Plus, sharks swimming over your head is always really cool!

Another place we went to was The Texas Station. That place has TONS of things to do. And their buffet.. YUM! I'm dedicated to visit their buffet every time I visit Vegas. They also have a movie theatre there and bowling. And what makes it great is that it's all in one casino so you don't have to walk alot.

Seriously.. even just walking down the strip is pretty fun! The Mirage has that volcano show and the Bellagio water show.. you have to see that. Even walking around Caesar's Palace is pretty, they have that statue show too.

Hope that helps you out some! And remember.. what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! ;)

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