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New Mexico College Bowl Tickets

New Mexico College Bowl Tickets
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New Mexico College Bowl Tickets
How many paying seats does the Rosebowl have?

Depends on how many tickets they sell. Check out the info on Wikipedia:

Seating and Attendance records

The stadium seating has been reconfigured several times since its original construction in 1922. The South end was filled in to complete the bowl and more seats have been added. The original wooden benches were replaced by aluminum benches in 1969. For many years, the Rose Bowl had the largest football stadium capacity in the United States, eventually being surpassed by Neyland Stadium in 1996 and Michigan Stadium in 1998.[8][9] The maximum stated seating capacity was 104,594 from 1972 to 1997. Capacity was lowered in 1997 to widen the playing field for soccer and remove lower seats that were blocked by players on the sidelines. Slightly different figures are given for current capacity. UCLA reports the capacity at 91,136.[1] The Tournament of Roses reports the capacity at 92,542.[2] The 2006 Rose Bowl game, which was also the BCS championship game, had a crowd of 93,986.[10]

* Rose Bowl Game record: 1973 Rose Bowl, USC vs. Ohio State, January 1st, 1973, Attendance: 106,869. This is the stadium record, as well as NCAA bowl game record.[1][11]
* NFL Super Bowl Record: Super Bowl XIV, Pittsburgh Steelers - Los Angeles Rams, January 20th, 1980, Attendance: 103,985. This is an NFL post-season record.[12]
* 1984 Summer Olympics (Games of the XXIII Olympiad) Football (Soccer) Tournament - France defeated Brazil 2-0 Attendance: 101,799
* College football regular season record: UCLA-USC, November 19, 1988, Undefeated second-ranked USC (9-0) and quarterback Rodney Peete met 9-1, sixth-ranked UCLA and quarterback Troy Aikman with a berth in the Rose Bowl Game on the line. Attendance: 100,741[13]
* Professional soccer record: June 16, 1996: In an historic doubleheader witnessed by 92,216 fans, the U.S. National Team plays Mexico for the championship of U.S. Cup '96 followed by the conference leaders Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Tampa Bay Mutiny. The crowd was the largest ever to see a U.S. professional soccer league match.
* FIFA Women's World Cup 1999 final on July 10th, 1999 was the most attended women's sports event in history with an official attendance of 90,185.

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