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Valero Alamo Bowl Tickets

Valero Alamo Bowl Tickets
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Valero Alamo Bowl Tickets
What is there to do in San antonio? and How can I get discounted Fiesta Texas Tickets?

I am planning a vacation to San Antonio. It looks like tickets to Fiesta Texas are 39.99, but obviously I would like to pay less than that. Also are there any other cool attractions that anyone can reccomend?

If you take in a coke can from San Antonio, they usually have a coupon on them for $10 off. Also, you can buy discounted tickets at a Valero gas station. I worked at Fiesta Texas for 5 years. The cheapest tickets can be found at Valero corner stores.

Some other things to do in San Antonio is visit the Wax Museum, Guinness World Records, and Ripley’s believe it or not down town. There is also a comedy club down town in the River Center Mall. On Saturday at midnight they have a free adult show. It is really good. The River walk is fun at night. It has a ton of restaurants and interesting people.

You can also visit the famous Alamo. It is interesting to see once, but it isn't as great as the movies play it up to be. There are five other missions in San Antonio which are better. The San Antonio Art Museum down town is really good. There is the usual stuff like bowling, watching movies, and drinking. There are some great bars and clubs also.

There is also Sea World which is about 15 minutes from Fiesta Texas. Try not to go to Fiesta Texas on a weekend because it can get so busy it’s irritating. There is a place called Malibu Castle which has batting cages, mini golf, bumper boats, and an arcade.

If you are interesting in hiking then Frederick’s Park is awesome. It is off I-10 in SA. It has all levels of hiking.

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