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Does The Value Of Old Coins Mean The Same For Everybody?

What exactly does the value of old coins mean to you?

Well, there are many ways to look at the subject. When I was a child, I had a little box that contained my "valuables". As I recall, I had many old coins that I had found as well as an old piece of glass that I was convinced was a diamond! I think that a "valuables box" is universal for children, boys and girls alike. You can open the lid, choose an old coin or maybe a marble and reminisce about the day you found it. It's almost like a time machine. You remember the excitement of the sparkle that caught your eye as the sun glanced of that old dime and got your attention. You ran home and showed everybody your new "find", then into the box it went.

Well, I'm all grown up now, but I still appreciate the value of old coins. There's just something special about them. You wonder where they've been? Who has owned them in the past? How far have they traveled? It's not just the monetary value that matters, it's also the adventure and mystery that lies within the coin.

People collect many different types of things for many different reasons and, age doesn't matter. Whether you're young or old, being a collector is just plain fun. Why, I knew a lady once that collected pigs! Yep, pig hand towels in her bathrooms, pig cookie jar in her kitchen, pig spoon rests next to her stove - they were all over her house. I say "each to his own". If collecting pigs made her happy, that was fine with me.

I tend to be a little more practical in my collecting. I prefer to collect something that will grow in value, like coins. Now, I'm not saying that her pig collection has no monetary value, but I doubt it will become a much sought after item if she decides to sell it. But, coins, on the other hand, will. And don't forget the adventure part. I can't imagine myself ever wondering where a pig cookie jar has been, but a coin is a whole different story.

Coin collecting and the value of old coins is a fascinating subject.

The value of old coins is assigned through many different criteria.

You have to consider Its condition. Is it worn or scarred? Where was it minted. Is it uncirculated? And that's just for US coins. Then, you have foreign coins, ancient coins and on and on. Coin collecting is certainly a hobby that you could never get bored with.

So, put some adventure back in your life and go out and start collecting something. Show your kids and grandchildren that they can have fun somewhere else instead of being in front of the TV or computer all of the time. You never know, one of them just might come up with some "valuable finds" and learn about the value of old coins.


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